Makers Institute Talent Management Service

Our talent development and hiring program help companies securing top notch software engineer talent while eliminating wasted efforts, time and money in the process.


We’re selective about our technology talent by only recruiting 'high potential' candidate from colleges and universities throughout the country.


Through our intensive bootcamps and online programs, we turn beginners into industry standard's entry-level software engineers.


We deliver job-ready technology talent fast, cutting down onboarding time so you can focus on your project’s success.


Our talent seamlessly integrates with existing technology teams so well that they end up being hired by companies.

Why Makers Institute?

Up-to-Speed on In-Demand Technologies

Makers Institute eliminates the “skills gap” by putting our people through intensive and continuous training in the latest in-demand, enterprise-level and next-gen technologies—so you don’t have to.

Custom Trained for Your Environment

We create exclusive talent pools that are custom trained to meet your technology needs and business goals, as well as work with you to enhance your existing talent and provide resources with hard-to-find skills.

Predictable Talent Acquisition Model

Because our talent has been specifically trained for your systems and environment, vetted and proven, the cost of “wrong hires” has been taken out of the mix—with SLAs guaranteed.

Efficient Hiring Process

Our talented professionals come to you well versed in the leading-edge skills you need, so you can ramp up quickly and integrate experienced teams in large numbers right away—increasing productivity by up to 80%.

Cost-Effective Solutions Delivery

Our model eliminates your costs for recruiting, training and retaining skilled technology talent. We also provide nationwide deployment and relocation, removing the burden from your HR department.

Reduced Attrition of Resources

Our skilled professionals are contracted to you and committed to the success of your organization for the entire duration of your project, with no drop off of resources and no time or money lost due to attrition.

Ready to Hire?